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So Klin Softergent

SO KLIN Softergent comes with 3 soothing smells : Soft Floral Fragrance (Pink), Fresh Floral Fruity Fragrance (Blue), and Lavender (Purple) to fit your senses. It has dual functions which are to clean your clothes effectively and softening clothes fabric at the same. Now your clothes are irresistably clean and soft with one detergent. SO KLIN Softergent is so convenient and economical. Available in 3 variants :

  1. So Klin Softergent Pink - Soft Floral Fragrance
  2. So Klin Softergent Blue - Fresh Floral Fruity Fragrance
  3. So Klin Softergent Purple - Lavender Fragrance

Now introducing brand new So Klin Softergent Lavender.  New variant of Soklin Softergent, is giving pleasant & sensory smoothing Lavender smell to your clothing.  So Klin Softergent Lavender is the perfect combination of detergent and softening agent that effectively removing stains to the fiber cloth &  soften clothes at the same time with extra softener particles (twice as much).  Clothes becoming  aromatic, smoother and easier for ironing.

Besides,  now Soklin Softergent Lavender equipped with FRESH PROTECTION technology that is able to protect clothes from musty smell even when indoor drying or without direct sun light.

Soklin Softergent Lavender available in 4 different sizes, which are 25gr, 52gr, 900gr and 1800gr.