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So Klin Smart

Smart is a high concentrated detergent that is 4X more concentrated than ordinary powder detergent. So Klin Smart White is formulated with Oxyclean Technology, to penetrate deep down to effectively clean stubborn stains off both white and colour clothes. So Klin Smart Color is specially formulated with Active Color booster which gets rid of ingrained dirt that causes dullness and keeping your clothes clean like new. It contains a refreshing floral fragrance lets your clothes stay fresh and fragrant all day long. Now with additional Fragrance booster contains in SoKlin Smart, giving 2x more aromatic sensation and long lasting on your clothes as compare to others. Soklin Smart perfume series are available in 2 sizes of, 800gr and 50gr.

Available in 3 functional variants : 

  1. White
  2. Colour
  3. Fuchsia