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Mie Sedaap is one of the top famous leading instant noodles brand. Mie Sedaap made with superior qualities ingredients from natural and fresh spices and ingredient formulation.  Mie Sedaap has received widespread acceptance due to its ground breaking good taste approach. It is famous for its springiness noodles and the “kriuk-kruik” crunchiness fried onion. Mie Sedaap are best instant noodle in town as your tongue only looking for the best taste and never lie to your prescription.  Mie Sedaap is the only intant noodle that received recognition from ISO 22000.  Mie Sedaap will continue develop new exciting flavours to fulfil different consumer request.

Mie Sedaap are available in 9 flavours to meet consumers enjoyment taste:

  1. Goreng Kriuk (90gr) – revolutionized fried noodle enjoyment comes with deliciously “kriuk-kriuk” crunchy fried onion.
  2. Sambal Goreng (88gr) – extra condiment sauce that give a hot sensation, besides added also fresh lime juice to enhance the taste.
  3. Soto (75gr) – with extra delicious powder, along with fresh lime juice.
  4. Ayam Bawang (70gr) – rich with fried onion chicken ingredient giving real chicken taste to your noodle.
  5. Kari Ayam (72gr) – made of authentic curry spices with added chicken essence to enriching the curry taste in every mouth feel.
  6. Ayam Special (69gr)  – made with thick chicken flavor essence. It just tastes like an authentic bowl    of chicken soup from home.
  7. Kari kental Special (75gr) – made with natural Kari spices that give you the authentic Kari taste like home-cooked curry noodle.
  8. Goreng Ayam spesial  – It is made from special chicken recipe and come with "Krispi Krezz Krezz", the extra crispy fried onion bits for enriching  eating enjoyment.
  9. Baso spesial  – made from natural meatball soup and comes with special garnish of meatball crunch "bal-bal nyess" for different eating experience.
  10. Satay
  11. White Curry

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