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Mi Sedaap is one of the leading instant noodles brand.  Mi Sedaap has received widespread acceptance due to its ground breaking good taste approach and famous for its springy noodles and the “kriuk-kriuk” crunchyness fried onion.  Now, Mi Sedaap is available in cup packing to serve your busy lifestyle and carry together when on the go.
  1. Mi Sedaap Goreng Cup Noodles (83gr) - Familiar exquisite qualities of Mie Sedaap range with its ultimate good taste and springy noodles that serve you awesome eating enjoyment with its famous crunchy Kriuk Kriuk fried onion.
  2. Mi Sedaap Soto Cup Noodles (77gr) - Soto soup flavor the origin taste of Indonesia with natural spices and lime leaf that increase soup taste with a fresher mouth feel.  Soto flavor also completed with vegetables that serve you a balance meal intake.
  3. Mi Sedaap Baso Special Cup Noodles (72gr) - Baso Special also known as meatball, is made from good qualities ingredients & nutrious soy bean.  Meatball soup serving with its famous springy noodles gives you double sensation of delightful taste enjoyment.

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